Pentathlon appears too strenuous for horses

June 25, 2014 


A rider eyes his next jump during the Men's Equestrian event during the 2014 Modern Pentathlon World Cup Final at the Sarasota Polo Club. GRANT JEFFERIES/Bradenton Herald


Pentathlon sponsors, please stop financial support!

Shame on the 2014 sponsors of the Modern Pentathlon Cup held in Sarasota. I attended one day of events, which was more than enough for me to see how the horses in the race-jumping event were treated.

The horses were made to perform a series of jumps within a specific time limit with an unfamiliar rider; in my estimation this is too strenuous and unhealthy for the horses.

Officials need to change the equestrian portion of this event to another sport, e.g. cycling.

At this point in time everyone should know that it is inhumane to use any animal for egocentric reasons such as human entertainment, sport, and financial gain.

Corporations, individuals and Manatee County can help stop this madness by withholding financial support for the pentathlon.

Cathy Walker


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