Florida should be fighting climate change

June 24, 2014 


High tide on Anna Maria Island encroaches on homes and may give a visual glimpse of how higher water levels may affect the island during a possible climate change in the future. GRANT JEFFERIES/Bradenton Herald


Article: "Florida called ground zero for climate change" (Herald, June 18):

While Florida's battle against climate change has become so clear that a representative from Rhode Island stated that we are the ground zero for the issue of climate change, our own legislators and policy makers approved acid fracking in the Everglades.

This is only going to accelerate climate change in our area that we cannot afford. Acid fracking in such a sensitive area will ramp up climate change in an already incredibly damaged ecosystem.

Poisoning this incredibly unique area is a grave error that we cannot allow our legislators to make. We need our legislators from our senators to our local county commissioners to stand up for the safety and health of our environment, not just political grandstanding.

Stephanie Strickland, Environment Florida St. Petersburg

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