U.S. cannot solve Iraq's tribal political divide

June 24, 2014 

I am against sending any American military back into Iraq for any reason! For over 10 long years. Americans fought and died in Iraq. During those years, there were many reports of Iraqi soldiers running away from the battle and leaving Americans to fight and die while they ran and hid.

We remained in Iraq during those years, supposedly to train the Iraqi forces so that when American forces left, they could defend their own country. We did not train them to run from the battle; however, apparently 10 years of training were not enough to make soldiers out of cowards.

Americans are weary of war! We are sick of our treasure, both in American blood and American dollars, being wasted in a country that can't or won't even attempt to unify itself against terrorists who continually seek to divide it.

We must send the message to the president, the Pentagon, and the Congress, no more!

We are now being told that we are sending in only 300 troops to serve as advisors. According to an article in the Bradenton Herald, "Vets: Obama no-combat promise not easy to keep," the "advisors" being sent to Iraq will consist of the Army's Delta Force, Navy SEALs, Marine Corps, Air Force units, and mainly the Army's Green Berets.

Do these sound like merely "advisors" to you?

No more! Iraq was held together as a country by a brutal dictator, Saddam Hussein, and after his demise, it was held together by American troops.

Once we left, Iraq resorted once again to its tribal mentality: Sunni vs. Shiites.

We cannot force democracy on a country that does not want it.

We must send a message to our political leaders that it is now time to look after our own country.

Carol Gazell


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