Gallery | Cub Scouts hammer away at summer camp

June 23, 2014 

Young Cub Scout Nathan Barr of the Ballistic Blast off Bears inspects his hammer Monday at Camp Flying Eagle. Every year around 225 scouts gather for Day Camp, which runs for an entire week. TIFFANY TOMPKINS-CONDIE/Bradenton Herald


Fresh from the swimming pool with droplets of water in their hair and eyelashes, the Ballistic Blast off Bears marched and sang in rag-tag line, finally arriving at their next activity: crafts.

The boys, attending a week long summer camp for Cub Scouts at Camp Flying Eagle, were quivering with anticipation when their eyes caught sight of the hammers, new and still sporting stickers, placed directly in front of each young Scout on a picnic table.

The instructor, already halfway through a day full of rotating groups at the craft station, displayed a keen understanding of little boys when she intoned, three times: "Don't touch the hammers yet, please."

Nathan Barr, above, in a tool-loving haze, couldn't possibly have heard her as he picked up the hammer, turned it all around, felt the weight of it before finally hearing the instructions and returning it to the table. Nathan was not alone.

Most of the group at least reached for the hammers before hearing the instructor.

Eventually they were directed to pick up their hammers and proceed with building their bird houses. Ah, joy. The look of delight on their faces was probably what had given the instructor the patience she needed to coach the boys through their projects. Summer. Camp. Pools. Hammers. Ah, joy.

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