Letter of the Week, June 15-21

June 22, 2014 

A heartfeld Dear Dad message

Originally published on June15

Unforgettable ...

Nothing caught my attention as I searched through rows of Father's Day cards and messages. Not one of them spoke to my heart.

The question in my mind, "What made my father so special to me? Why did friends, my children and grandchildren feel the same way about him?"

Suddenly I knew I had to write -- my own Fathers' Day message.

Dear Dad,

I am reminded of your sense of humor and your sense of dignity. You caught the attention of many, with your ready smile and inner spirit. Family was always #1 on your priority list. The love and financial support for your mother and sisters never faltered.

Your teaching, "Small minds discuss people, medium-sized minds discuss events, and large minds discuss ideas," was for me, a constant reminder when I got off track.

Your other message, "You will always catch more bees with honey than vinegar," served me well. I still smile remembering when you later told me, "Always have some vinegar in your back pocket, just in case."

I feel a great sadness for children who have never known the love of a father, for those who have missed having a father to guide them.

If only young fathers today recognized how important they are and what a special legacy they could leave to their children. How different our world could be.

Dad, I recognize how blessed I was to share your love of music. I hold dear the memories of my shoes standing on top of yours, moving to the music at age 3.

Today I celebrate all of the moments in time between a father and daughter, forever connected in spirit. Those moments always "UNFORGETTABLE." Wish you were here. I miss you. You remain forever in my heart.

Happy Father's Day.

Barbara Hansen

Lakewood Ranch

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