Best-sellers: June 22

June 22, 2014 



1. Written in My Own Heart's Blood. Diana Gabaldon. Delacorte ($35)

2. Mr. Mercedes. Stephen King. Scribner ($30)

3. The Target. David Baldacci. Grand Central ($28)

4. Unlucky13.Patterson/Paetro.Little,Brown ($28)

5. Ghost Ship. Cussler/Brown. Putnam ($28.95)

6. The Matchmaker. Elin Hilderbrand. Little, Brown ($28)

7. The Goldfinch. Donna Tartt. Little, Brown ($30)

8. The One & Lonely. Emily Giffin. Ballantine ($28)

9. The Hurricane Sisters. Dorothea Benton Frank. William Morrow ($26.99)

10. Field of Prey. John Sandford. Putnam ($28.95)


1. Hard Choices. Hillary Rodham Clinton. Simon & Schuster ($35)

2. One Nation. Ben Carson. Penguin/Sentinel ($25.95)

3. The Closer. Mariano Rivera. Little, Brown ($28)

4. GoodCall.JaseRobertson.HowardBooks ($25.99)

5. Capital in the Twenty­First Century. Thomas Piketty. Harvard/Belknap ($39.95)

6. Rebbe. Joseph Telushkin. HarperWave ($29.99)

7. Think Like a Freak. Levitt/Dubner. William Morrow ($28.99)

8. Instinct. T.D. Jakes. FaithWords ($25)

9. Killing Jesus. O'Reilly/Dugard. Henry Holt ($28)

10. Flash Boys. Michael Lewis. Norton ($27.95)

-- Publishers Weekly

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