Obama continues to lead country into ruin

June 21, 2014 

Is our way of life gone forever?

Kudos to Mike McLeod for his letter referencing the impeachment of Obama. In my Aug. 22, 2013 letter I stated I was waiting for more references for the impeachment of Obama.

There have been several made on TV networks in the last few weeks; even a book has also come out referencing his impeachment.

With the number of laws broken, lies told, the downward spiral Obama has put this country in, and his disastrous foreign policies, I do not think this country as we know it will last the last two years of Obama's term as president.

Turning loose the "four star generals" to go back to plan and instigate wars against us, by most all, was one of the worst things Obama has done, and just for political reasons.

To protect us and to keep our country safe is the presidents main duty and what he took an oath to do. He has not done that!

Why, oh why, something can't be done is beyond me. Talk, and more talk, seems to be as far as our Congress and the Senate can go. Hearings are held for various misconducts, but what has been the results? Nothing that I know of!

All of my long life did I ever dream that I would live to see the country in the condition it is today.

The millions of us who served wanted to keep it like we knew it, and to those that lie under those thousands and thousands of white tombstones around the world, row after row, line after line, may God bless them that gave their lives to protect our way of life. I just pray all is not in vain.

Bob Teates


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