A thanks to wonderful Manatee County medical care

June 21, 2014 

Since the first of February I have been fighting basal cell, squamous cell carcinoma and melanoma cancer. After my semi-annual exam by my family physician, Dr. Joe Ganey, he referred me to Hillstrom Facial Surgery for suspicious spots on my nose.

Dr. Mark Checcone of Hillstrom Surgery took a biopsy of my nose and right cheek. Turns out I did have basal cell on my nose (two locations) and melanoma on my right cheek.

Dr. Checcone referred me to Dr. Wayne Cruse at the Moffitt Cancer Center in Tampa.

Starting in March, Dr. Cruse not only removed melanoma but also squamous cancer from my cheek. It took three surgeries to get all the cancer from my cheek.

In the meantime I was referred to Dr. Jennifer Berkes, at Bay Area Skin Cancer Surgery in Bradenton, for removal of basal cell. After successful removal, Dr. Checcone preformed reconstruction on my nose.

Finally on June 4, Dr. Cruse announced that the pathologist declared "all clear of melanoma" and the final stitches were removed from face.

Throughout the entire procedure the doctors, nurses and health care workers were all very professional, compassionate and cheerful.

A special thanks to all who were involved in my treatment, including my good friend Sandy Monahan at Blake Medical Center.

Also big thanks to all at my church, Palm View First Baptist, and friends who gave me encouragement and prayed for me during this time. Thank you!

We should be very thankful for having such good care within reach of us here in Manatee County.

Robert Bayless

Terra Ceia Island

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