Head in sand: denying man-made climate change

June 20, 2014 

Hiding your head in the sand. Defined as not wanting to face an unpleasant situation.

Those who continue to deny that global warming is real, that climate change is being influenced by man-made carbon-emitting pollution, that Arctic ice just normally breaks off in chunks the size of Delaware are simply hiding their heads in the sand.

The facts are too numerous and well documented and agreed upon in the scientific and educational community to ignore. The average global temperature has risen 1.4 degrees since 1880.

Arctic ice reveals warming and cooling of the climate over millions of years, and nothing like the current increase and acceleration of carbon deposits has ever been recorded.

It is true industrialization, deforestation and pollution have all contributed to the so-called greenhouse gases and act as a blanket to increase global warming.

Carbon dioxide from volcanoes has a different atomic signature as those from gas-combustible engines so it is easy to know where to place the blame.

Any politician, civic leader or academia who denies the existence or the science behind global warming has another agenda and is merely hiding their head in the sand.

John Herzog


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