Attempted murder suspect re-arrested after mistakenly released from Manatee jail

Posted by Kate Irby on June 19, 2014 

BRADENTON -- An inmate charged with attempted murder was mistakenly released from the Manatee County jail after a clerical error occurred at the clerk’s office, according to the State Attorney’s Office.

Wesley “Pee Wee” Blanc, 16, who was released Monday, was re-arrested Wednesday afternoon at his home and is back in jail, according to Bradenton police.

Blanc had been charged with second-degree attempted murder, in connection with an incident that occurred on Dec. 12.

Investigators said a large fight broke out among juveniles in the 1100 block of 13th Street East, Bradenton, during which Blanc and two other juveniles chased the victim in an attempt to fight him, according to arrest records.

The three juveniles eventually caught up to the victim and began to kick and punch him, but the victim escaped again, according to an affidavit. The victim said while he was running, someone told him the suspects had guns, and he heard gunshots behind him.

All three were arrested and charged with attempted murder.

They had been scheduled to stand trial beginning Monday, according to the Manatee Clerk’s Office, but prosecutors Friday dismissed the case because of a lack of evidence, said Assistant State Attorney Pamela Dagostino.

Blanc also is facing an unrelated attempted murder charge related to a shooting during a football practice at the Palmetto Youth Center last September. Two other people were also arrested in that case.

Blanc was mistakenly released when a worker in the Manatee County clerk’s office accidentally added the case number from the Palmetto Youth Center case to the paperwork for the dismissal on the more recent case.

The mistake triggered his release from the Manatee County jail.

Blanc was arrested again without incident in front of his residence at 4:03 p.m. Wednesday after the mistake was realized, according to a police report.

“It was nothing that was the fault of the sheriff’s office or the jail,” Dagostino said. “And fortunately it was fixed right away after we became aware of the mistake.”

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