Ask Manatee County school staff about board before voting

June 19, 2014 

Manatee School District Superintendent Rick Mills, left, and Manatee School Board member Robert Gause, right, listen to Cynthia Saunders, executive director of secondary education during a board meeting Tuesday.PAUL VIDELA/Bradenton Herald

With the current attention on the Manatee County school board elections and the recent issues with regard to Superintendent Rick Mills' contract extension, I would like to offer what no one has seemed to think of at all.

Why not just ask the people who actually work in the school system?

Before you vote in August, ask the teachers, administrators, and staff what they think of each board member.

Don't, however, ask for quotes because many feel very reluctant to express much opinion these days.

Teachers go through multiple observations and are evaluated yearly. Why weren't they part of Mr. Mills' evaluation? Anonymously, of course!

Nancy Acton


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