Hillary Clinton not presidential material

June 19, 2014 

Ever since the day Ms. Hillary Clinton stood on the tarmac with four dead embassy bodies and hugged each parent and swore she would get to the bottom of this tragic deed and has since done nothing, I see her as a very cold unfeeling woman.

Her record as a senator I understand disappointed many New Yorkers, She showed me nothing as secretary of state, and I do not understand how anyone can see her as presidential material.

Rep. Nancy Pelosi just said a lot of senators are spending too much time on little things, such as the five terrorists released back into the wild, instead of the more important things, which she did not elaborate.

I have to say when Pelosi speaks to members of Congress, she reminds me of Mother Superior talking to her parochial children. So ladies, when election day is here you will finally realize whatever you have to say, no one really cares.

Ned Cobb


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