Illegal immigrants causing America many problems

June 18, 2014 

Will America survive?

President Obama sounded the horn of amnesty for young illegals and it was heard all the way to Central America and beyond.

I don't believe that very young people could possibly have traveled over a thousand miles "without assistance" to invade the borders of this country, especially considering Mexico's strict border laws.

This is a catastrophe for our country but a windfall for lawyers, contractors, other opportunists and open border nuts, all paid for by us.

The ongoing invasion at the border coupled with the existing illegal immigrant problem is truly as damaging as bombs and bullets. Make no mistake, Mexico is "not" a friend. There is no substitute for a secure border.

Recently 36,000 illegals, some convicted of murderer, rape and drug crimes, etc., were released into the general public.

The FBI states that gangs have infiltrated the military to receive training in tactics and firearms, which they use to train other gang members. There are one and a half million gang members in the U.S., a 40 percent increase since 2009.

Today there are 24 documented active gangs right here in Manatee County totaling more than 700 members and they are younger, smarter and know how to blend in.

Considering all the assistance programs including education and medical, illegal families will cost taxpayers more than a half a trillion dollars over their lifetime.

Remember when President Obama visited the Texas border? He mockingly said that Republicans want not only a border fence but a moat around the fence and alligators in the moat. Well, he at least had that one right.

Patrick Neylan


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