Letters to editor addictive, but filled with discord

June 16, 2014 

There's a moral imperative here. And you will care. Thank you to the editors for providing this contentious forum. It's highly addictive.

My daughter thinks this is porn; people get off on it and are more visceral than thoughtful. Porn.

Lots of hate and vituperation. But watch me. I'm the same as you, readership.

But I do decry the haters and you guys know the word. One woman wanted to tax fat people simply because she was mad that her alcohol and cigarettes were being taxed at a higher rate and she was holding one in each hand while writing the letter to the editor. (I have the proof).

Another man, I believe he was older, wanted to go back to the days of yore where he skipped to school gaily in his leiderhosen and cap with a sack lunch in his hand.

I sort of understood that he wanted to go back to days of discipline but his point was to cut the school lunch program. Kids going hungry?

I hereby decree that poverty, the black plague that you are scared is going to creep up under your bed and make you unpopular, be discussed at the dinner table tonight.

One thing we all have in common is we will all come to the same demise, lay our head down and die. But I think it will be good if you've taken down a plutocrat, and found your own Calcutta in your lifetime.

There's a family right here in your midst in Bradenton, and they are all dying and there's no disease other than poverty. They're 51, 22 and 12. All the eggs are in the middle one's basket.

A nameless, faceless plutocrat bank stole from her, and I saw her literally recoil from the hit in the gut.

Maureen Maloney


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