Trade politicians to Mexico for jailed Marine

June 12, 2014 

The Obama administration has traded five evil people, who are intent on destroying this country, for one soldier who may or may not be loyal to this country.

Meanwhile, the Mexicans continue to hold Sgt. Tamooressi, who has served with distinction, in their jail. Do you think it would be possible to trade to Mexico five more evil people who are even more intent than the above released terrorists on destroying this country in exchange for his release?

I would suggest that the trade include Mr. Obama, Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, Hillary Clinton, and Eric Holder.

I'd even consider throwing in Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson for good measure.

This would be a major step in the recovery of the USA and its Constitution. The Mexican government would have to give assurances that they would not send any of them back, though.

Peter Stasiowski


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