Our historic heritage worthy of preservation, visitation

June 10, 2014 

It was with sadness that I read about the Beth Salem (Egbert Reasoner house) and the chance that it will be demolished to make way for another gas station.

I have read where every effort has been made to save it by finding a buyer who will also have to have it moved. But the cost of moving this old structure is making that idea prohibitive.

I understand that Manatee County and Bradenton are growing and that things will change, but once the relics of the past are destroyed they can never be replaced.

We have very few historical areas to visit and enjoy to get away from the hustle and bustle of traffic congestion and noise. There are two such places located in east Bradenton: the Manatee Village Historical Park on Manatee Avenue, with a steam engine in front and many historical buildings like the Wiggins General Store, Fogarty Boat Works, etc.

Also, not far away on 14th Street East near Second Avenue we have the Manatee Mineral Springs (Indian Spring Park) with its historical plaques, sugar cane field, underground mineral stream tended by the volunteers of Reflections of Manatee, who also have several old museum homes (Curry) nearby.

Maybe it's time to tour these sites before they too become history for they are an oasis from all the malls, condos and country club golf courses springing up all over this county.

Like the song "Big Yellow Taxi" goes, "they paved paradise and put up a parking lot."

William E. Moore


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