Manatee sheriff's deputy shoots dog to prevent possible attack

Posted by MARC R. MASFERRER on June 9, 2014 

MANATEE -- A deputy shot a pit bull after the dog lunged at her Monday afternoon, according to the Manatee County Sheriff's Office. The dog was later euthanized.

About 2:07 p.m., deputies responded to a vacant house in the 3300 block of 41st Street East, Ellenton, to investigate an allegation of abandoned animals that were not being taken care of.

One of the deputies was at the dead end of 40th Street East when about eight pit bulls came from inside and underneath a nearby home, according to a news release.

"They ran up to her and began barking at her," the report states.

The deputy began slowly backing up while talking to the dogs in a calm voice. One of the dogs was "a bit more vicious than the others" and lunged at the deputy who, according to the sheriff's office, "had no choice but to draw her weapon and shoot the aggressive dog, hitting it in the mouth."

The dogs, including the injured pit bull, retreated back onto the property they had come from, the sheriff's office said. A relative of the property owner put the dogs back into the house.

Animal Services officers responded, and the injured dog was taken to their office to be euthanized.

"It would have not survived from its injuries," the sheriff's office said.


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