GOP-ally Fox aired program affirming climate change

June 8, 2014 

In a recent letter, James Frazier urged us to watch the June 1 Cosmos episode covering human contributions to climate change. Had the Herald printed it prior to the telecast instead of the day after, maybe more people would've seen respected astrophysicist Neil DeGrasse Tyson's eloquent explanation of the serious and undeniable consequences ahead if we don't soon reduce the use of fossil fuels.

Since it aired on Fox, their mouthpiece network, maybe some Republican legislators accidently caught the show. If so, they heard the science proving that increased carbon dioxide emissions will lead to catastrophic global problems in the not-too-distant future.

They're educated people, so most would accept the truth in private. However, they're also ambitious politicians who need conservative support to be reelected, so none of them will admit it publicly. Tea Party poster boy and Koch brothers' puppet, Sen. Marco Rubio, proved that, embarrassingly in a recent TV interview on the subject.

But we don't require the candidate's pledging "... to pass legislation to limit the use of fossil fuels ...", as Mr. Frazier called for.

Although Democrats won't all support the effort, it's fairly certain the GOP will be 100 percent against it. So, we only need to look at party affiliation when voting for the protection of our planet.

Republicans are often heard lamenting how the budget deficit will harm our children and grandchildren, but they routinely deny the far more disastrous effects global warming will bring to our descendants.

Bob Kushner


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