Mills doing great job; school board's the problem

June 6, 2014 


Manatee School District Superintendent Rick Mills listens as school board members during a late May 2014 school board meeting. GRANT JEFFERIES/Bradenton Herald


With the little bit I know about the education mess in Manatee County, I believe Mr. Rick Mills is doing a great job in a very difficult situation.

I read the headline announcing the budget mistake and read what the Mr. Mills said about it and read one or two comments from board members. So I don't know much about this matter.

But I do know this much: A budget millions of dollars in error? Really?

If only we had a superintendent and school board members elected by the good people of this county who were charged with, among other responsibilities, spending money wisely and living within a budget, and this board had been in place for the last several years! Oh, wait. We do!

For a moment there I thought no one was minding the store. Imagine my relief to know that's not the case.

To hear the current superintendent announce that the previous leadership had presided over a budgetary mistake of millions of dollars over an extended period of time and he intends to fix it is praiseworthy and demonstrates the kind of leadership which has been sorely lacking until now.

I say the voters of Manatee County should remember what is being said by all school board members right now, and the evaluations given the superintendent by these school board members as well.

I say if you like your school board member, you can keep him. Period. Or you can vote him out of office and wish him well in his next professional endeavor, which I hope will not involve the oversight of monies entrusted to him by the taxpayers. Period.

You know what we could really use right now? A responsible school board ... period.

Jay Cassidy


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