Change bound to occur, and climate is no exception

June 6, 2014 

James Frazier, in his June 2 letter to the editor, is agitated about global warming. Sir, be at peace.

This newspaper published photos of Antarctic glaciers collapsing. They didn't print the satellite photo of the Arctic ice cap growing by 500,000 square miles. Look it up.

Somebody in 2007 confidently predicted that by 2013 the Arctic ice cap would have totally melted. Now, young polar bears starve because ice blocks their access to food. Do we care?

Another article explained that European gorillas became extinct because climate cooling affected the vegetation they ate. Change happens.

Somebody could also look up: what respected scientist submitted a skeptical article in February to a scientific journal, which rejected it? What professors have been fired for skepticism?

Follow the money. Government grants go to politically correct professors. The skeptical hunker down.

Schools used to teach the scientific method. Investigate, collect evidence, over and over. And go where it leads you.

Remember the East Anglia professors' emails, discussing how to get politically correct results? Computer models are not scientific evidence. When investigation is agenda-driven, it's just propaganda.

People used to fear "nuclear winter." Look up the effects of a gigantic volcanic explosion ... it has happened.

Remember, we can't force fuel restrictions on China and India. Sacrifice is fine, but not when it's pointless. Remember the serenity prayer.

The sea level changes daily, with the tides. For a really big change, enjoy seeing the Bay of Fundy (look it up). Or sight see marine fossils at thousands of feet altitude in the mountains.

Change happens. It's life's only certainty.

Rosalie Rosenfeld


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