Dave Miner 'spot-on' with evaluation of schools Superintendent Rick Mills

June 5, 2014 


Manatee County School Board member Dave "Watchdog" Miner listens to the discussion during a school board meeting in May 2014. GRANT JEFFERIES/Bradenton Herald


It is clear from Dave "Watchdog" Miner's spot-on evaluation of Superintendent Rick Mills that the rest of the school board prematurely gave Mills glowing evaluations.

Mills does not understand that he works for the elected school board and the school board represents the citizens of Manatee County. Mills' comments in response to the evaluation by one of his bosses continue to display the arrogance and insensitivity he has become known for.

On the same day the Herald reported on the Miner evaluation of Mills, correctly noting concerns about integrity and organizational sensitivity, the district announced the layoff off of a dozen district support staff. This is particularly troubling in light of the revelation that Mills was "promoting his wife's employment with a district vendor."

Apparently it isn't enough for Mills to conduct an retaliatory and illegal investigation of an elected public official for whom he works, he now wants to use his position for the financial gain of his spouse.

The rest of the board should take this opportunity to reassess its premature rave reviews of Mills and his performance. Thank goodness his pressure tactics resulted in only a one-year contact extension.

Scott Bassett


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