School board's Miner wrong not to meet with Superintendent Mills

June 5, 2014 


Manatee County School Board member Dave "Watchdog" Miner listens to discussion recently regarding opening contract negotiations with Superintendent Rick Mills' during a school board meeting.GRANT JEFFERIES/Bradenton Herald


Driving down Manatee Avenue on early Saturday mornings, drives to the beach would always include an encounter with Dave "Watchdog" Miner gently jogging down the sidewalk wearing his campaign T-shirt and affably waving to us.

I believed that such a determined individual deserved a chance to be heard.

In the June 3 Herald, we now learn that he is not happy with the new school superintendent, Rick Mills. Just as importantly, we read that he has declined all offers from Superintendent Mills to meet one on one.

Mr. Mills seems to be a hard-working leader, and Mr. Miner's declining to meet with him is most inappropriate.

This lack of cooperation does not go unnoticed and will definitely be considered in my new evaluation of Mr. Miner.

Robert Tarnay


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