Corporate fund support can diminish integrity

June 4, 2014 

A crowd of 500 waits for the sun to rise during sunrise Easter services Sunday at the Mosaic Amphitheater on Bradenton's Riverwalk.RICHARD DYMOND/Bradenton Herald

Everybody has seen the ad. A young girl claiming to be an environmental engineer holds up her muddy hands and says, "I get my hands dirty for the environment!"

Hands aren't the only thing that's dirty about Mosaic. Since the late 1980s when my friends and I began monitoring phosphate strip-mining, we uncovered blatant mistruths, false testimonials, and animal relocations that never happened. But lately Mosaic has gotten very clever about it.

Has your community or organization accepted money from Mosaic? If so, that "gift" comes with strings.

Your group may now be listed on the Mosaic site as a "supporter" of strip mining.

Since you took the money, do you really think you can object to anything they do in the future? Would you dare?

My advice is to think twice about taking money from any corporation with an agenda. Your integrity is worth something.

When Mosaic comes around with their checkbook open, turn them down.

Allain Hale

North Port

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