Writer's view of political compromise too costly

June 4, 2014 

As a believer in the wisdom of America's founders and a great admirer of the Constitution, I must reply to the letter of the week of May 25-31.

The writer takes issue with a letter written by Patrick Neylan. Reading Mr. Neylan's letter, I perceived a significant amount of frustration in his sarcasm over what is happening in America today.

The responding writer alludes to the success of our nation and a need for compromise. It befuddles me to try and find any success happening in the U.S.

If one takes a rational look at our current situation, the view is depressingly grim.

To list a few of the atrocious situations we face, I present the following: resurgence of racial tension; epic debt and unemployment; a shrinking economy; denial of the KXL pipeline by the executive branch; massive increase in Americans on government assistance; denial of freedom of choice in things like healthcare, food, appliances, light bulbs, fuel, etc.; destruction of thousands of coal-fired power plants that will increase energy costs with no benefit to citizens.

Our federal government's attitude toward Americans with the growth of SWAT teams in surprising areas like the Department of Education, NOAA, Social Security Administration, Department of Agriculture, and Bureau of Land Management explains the rush by Americans to purchase guns.

Our government is no longer for the people, but against us.

The liberal government is behind the grim results above.

Our socialized medicine system will soon reflect what is happening to American's veterans, who are dying at the hands of bureaucrats assigned to provide them with care.

The mess our country is immersed in is the result of liberals trying to decide how we should live our lives at the expense of our freedom and liberty.

I totally reject the idea of compromising my freedom in exchange for bureaucratic intrusion into my daily life.

James Troxler


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