Manatee Y Technological High School

June 3, 2014 

Manatee Y Technological High School graduation at a glance

Graduates: 7 Certificate of Completion: 3

Speakers: Principal Cameron Lazer; Ray Benbow, senior class representative; James Odaffer, valedictorian; and Judge Durand Adams. Manatee Superintendent Rick Mills also attended.

Shining moment: Valedictorian James Odaffer's proud mother, Lisa Odaffer; and brothers, John, 16; and Sam, 11; came to cheer their graduate. "James had a difficult time with the structure of high school," his mother said. "Manatee Y allowed him to work at his own pace without the shenanigans of a typical high school. Traditional high school is not for everyone." Odaffer attended Bayshore High as a ninth-grader and moved to Texas as a sophomore. When he came back he found the transition difficult and his grades suffered his junior year at Bayshore. He came to Manatee Y in his senior year and blossomed, his mother said.

Best quote: The Rev. Jerry Parrish, who works to recruit students back to school when they have fallen away, closed the graduation with: "Class dismissed!" to triumphant cheers.

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