Reminder about Manatee County's seasonal fertilizer ban

June 3, 2014 

Effective June 1 through Sept. 30, a Manatee County ordinance says that any fertilizer containing nitrogen shall NOT be applied to any turf or landscape. You can still place the required amount to any container plant.

Phosphorus may be scattered if you file a soil analysis with the county showing you have a deficiency.

Now you ask, why? During our rainy season, unabsorbed nitrogen (and phosphorus) gets washed into our vital ditches, ponds, lakes and rivers.

It does disastrous things to our ecosystem, like covering our waterways with algae, scum, water weeds and water hyacinths. It's vital to their growth.

If you need any other information, check "Manatee County Fertilizer Ordinance" or you can call the Master Gardener office, 722-4524.

Remember, other fertilizers are available.

Wm. F. "Rusty" Russell (MG)


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