Bradenton Christian School 2014 commencement at a glance

May 31, 2014 

Bradenton Christian School 2014 commencement at a glance

Number of Graduates: 43

Speakers: Doug Pace, 2014 Senior Class Speaker, and The Rev. Kel Cunard, First Baptist Church of Palmetto

Shining Moment: The seniors left a chair for Anthony Titus, a BCS student who died suddenly during his sophomore year. A student also walked across the stage holding a graduating cap in Anthony's honor. Anthony's parents attended the graduation.

Best quotes: Senior Doug Pace gave an outstanding speech, filled with stories of the senior class. But what was most remarkable is that he prayed out loud before making the speech and right after it. Before the speech he asked God to "calm my nerves because I'm shaking." After the speech he prayed, "Thank you for being here. Thank you for helping me get through that. Thank you for your love and your perfect plan."

Interesting sight: Graduates Coleman Barber, 18, and his best friend, Jake Sturiano, 18, were the heart and soul of their class skit writing team which helped their class win Homecoming honors as sophomores and seniors. Said Sturiano: "Coleman is funny. He's the only person I never got into a fight with in school. We both had the same sense of humor." While Barber hopes to be a sports writer, Sturiano plans to be an officer in the Bradenton Police Department.

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