Obama administration wrong to delay Keystone review

May 30, 2014 

"U.S. delays review of Keystone pipeline" -- AP

Hats off to the editor and AP for such a blatantly misleading headline. The Obama administration continues to twist, extort and confuse the American public with the help of the press.

The empty article mentions that Congress condemns Obama and his mafia, but then who is the "U.S.?" Is it the U.S. of these officeholders, our present "public servants?" Who are perceived by the U.S. and the world as deceitful and corrupt.

Most likely they are working on plans of extortion while stonewalling.

I have more respect for Russia's Putin, who kept us out of Syria.

I cannot think of one thing Obama, Clinton, Kerry and Holder have done to help this country or the world. I guess I do not like lies even if they are true lies.

John Morrison


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