GOP rejection of Medicaid harming low-income people

May 28, 2014 

A recent letter blamed Democrats for having a "blind eye and a cold heart" for rejecting Medicaid for lower-income residents in West Virginia. The fact is it all comes down to the governor of the state.

All states may expand Medicaid to assist, improve the health and potentially save the lives of millions of low-income residents, including about 1 million Florida residents alone who would instantly qualify for high-quality health care. One-fifth of Floridians (3.8 million) have no health care coverage.

West Virginia Gov. Earl Ray Tombin, a Democrat, announced May 2 that he will indeed expand Medicaid, so I'm not sure where the "facts" are coming from in the above mentioned letter.

When the Supreme Court ruled in favor of Obamacare, they gave states the option to refuse Medicaid expansion. Let's not forget that Florida spearheaded the lawsuit to unsuccessfully strike down Obamacare.

Apparently, our warm-hearted Republican governor feels it is best for the common good to deny those in need of something that will inevitably save many lives.

Thirteen Republican governors have already rejected Medicaid expansion, mostly in southern states. The majority of states that are expanding Medicaid have Democratic governors with a few GOP governors -- showing promise that not all Republican governors are blind and heartless.

Why is it that only GOP governors refuse to help the poor?

Florida has not expanded Medicaid yet, losing $51 billion in federal aid. I wonder what the hold-up is all about.

If Rick Scott refuses to assist a million poor Floridians by rejecting $51 billion, perhaps a Democratic governor will be more heartfelt and visionary. Gov. Scott seems good at helping those who don't need help.

Gerrard Wilbur


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