CrossFitters work out in Palmetto with the 'Murph' to honor fallen hero

jdeleon@bradenton.comMay 26, 2014 

PALMETTO -- It wasn't your typical memorial.

There was a lot of sweating, grunting and pain involved Monday as some paid tribute to a fallen soldier by completing their favorite workout.

The group of eight at the CrossFit Havoc gym in Palmetto were among many across the country who completed the "Murph" workout to pay tribute to the country's fallen heros. The "Murph" was the favorite workout of fallen U.S. Navy Seal Lt. Mike Murphy.

"A hero workout is basically a way to honor those who have died doing their jobs," CrossFit Havoc owner Jim Denofa said. "I've always thought it was really cool to honor someone through your discomfort."

Denofa, retired Army, shared his thoughts and the history of "Murph" before joining others in the workout.

"He was what everybody inspires to be," Denofa said. "This was his favorite workout to do."

Murphy, 29, of Patchogue, N.Y., was killed June 28, 2005, in Afghanistan.

Murphy called the workout "Body Armour."

"He use to do it very often, except he would wear his body amour," Denofa said.

CrossFitters had to run a mile, do 100 pull-ups, 200 push-ups, 300 squats and then run another mile.

Hannah Winner was among those who decided to pay tribute with the "Murph" workout this Memorial Day.

"I do Crossfit regularly, but my grandfather and uncles were all Navy," Winner said.

She holds veterans and soldiers to the highest regard.

"Even while I am saying 'this sucks,' it represents all the pain and suffering they endured," Winner said. "I know they would rather be doing this workout. I think it's important to acknowledge that."

Following the workout, the CrossFitters were feeling tired but good.

Maria Vivas said she felt a sense of accomplishment.

"A lot of our soldiers are out there feeling pain: phys

ical pain, mental pian," Vivas said. "The least you can do is put yourself through some of that pain, so you can at least feel some of what they are feeling."

Manatee County Sheriff's Office Detective Jeremy Liddell was feeling pretty awesome after his workout, knowing that plenty of other folks were having picnics for Memorial Day.

"I'd rather be here than anywhere else," Liddell said. "It's better to workout than to be fat."

Denofa reflected after the workout.

"In this culture, the fitness culture, a celebration for us is getting together and feeling discomfort and pain," Denofa said. "It makes you feel like you did something, like you honored someone instead of just posting something on Facebook."

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