A tribute to JR Kraner and his automotive expertise

May 25, 2014 

A tribute is indeed in order at this time following the passing of Harry J. "JR" Kraner on May 10.

I grew up in Bradenton and as a teenager I fell in love with the hobby of restoring classic old cars. Saturdays were my work days with my 1964 Ford Galaxie and '64 Mercury Marauder.

For the parts hard to find and the paint that I needed, I turned to Kraner's Automotive to fill what was required to make my cars trophy winners at various car shows.

JR Kraner had everything you would want in his store, from hub caps hanging from the ceiling to obscure mufflers and thousands of spray paint cans. He was always honest and helpful, and his bargain prices and knowledge of the auto parts business was second to none.

To the Kraner family: JR was a first-class entrepreneur!

I really miss those days back in the '80s working on my classic cars and visiting Kraner's Automotive with JR behind the counter to help me out. I couldn't have won so many trophies without him!

Tim Sanor


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