Manatee County visitor won't return after red-light camera ticket

May 22, 2014 


Sgt. Mike Kenyan with the Manatee County Sheriff's Office traffic enforcement unit approves a violation after reviewing the video. Kenyan is one of the examiners for red light violators caught on red light cameras in Manatee County. GRANT JEFFERIES/Bradenton Herald


On Manatee County's red-light camera entrapment and a nice place to visit but I couldn't afford to live there:

My wife and I live in the Tampa area and wanted to visit the Ellenton outlets and do some shopping. I was not real familiar with the area roads.

I was driving a Corvette that sits very low and I am 6-feet tall and sit high in the car. I made a right-hand turn when I saw a caution and by the time I made the turn the light had changed.

I didn't speed up or jeopardize anyone's life. I didn't see the light change because of my car's design and my 6-foot height. No excuse.

I want to let you know I am a retired law-abiding citizen traveling to Manatee County to shop and enjoy the sights. This is to inform you I will not be back.

I will do my shopping some place else.

Joseph Tomi

New Port Richey

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