Ethnocentric behavior violates ethical boundaries

May 19, 2014 

If I were to believe that only 2 percent of 320 million Americans are LGBT, (I believe it's much greater) that's 6.4 million citizens the church insists on discriminating against vs. "masses having their rights trampled."

Does that translate to "masses" losing their rights to vote against LGBT rights? Isn't that selfish, ironic and hypocritical?

For those who feel that states should decide who can be married, what happens to legally married gay couples that move to anti-gay states? And yet concealed weapons permits are valid nationwide.

When one votes or speaks against gay rights, one enters into the dimensions of ethnocentrism. (Please look it up.)

Ethnocentrism has two aspects: 1. How one thinks and/or feels about others; 2. How one behaves towards others.

If one simply disapproves of homosexuality, one aligns with aspect 1. If one votes against gay rights and/or publicly professes anti-gay sentiment, one aligns with aspect 2.

Ethnocentrically speaking, anti-gay behavior and racism are identical. It applies to any category of discrimination. It's all the same concept of "our group doesn't approve of your group ... therefore, we can act against you in a discriminatory manner."

The class of group, its magnitude or reason is irrelevant. It's simply the concept of group A privileging itself to reject group B.

Whether it's race, religion, gender or sexuality, ethnocentric behavior violates ethical boundaries in an immoral manner.

If one claims divine authority to justify discrimination via negative behavior by judicially visiting "religious belief" upon one's neighbors, one cannot escape ethnocentric culpability and the stigmas and labels that accompany any negative behavior one exhibits regardless of how righteous one may feel imposing "supernatural law" onto the public against their free will.

Jesus said "love your neighbors as you love yourself." Those who dislike being labeled a bigot should refrain from behaving like one.

Gerrard Wilbur


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