Voters should wonder about Manatee County's major polling place changes

May 17, 2014 

Voters should wonder!

When it comes to voting in Manatee County, I need to paraphrase songwriter Rodriquez's "I Wonder."

I wonder, have you looked carefully at your new Manatee Voter Information Card?

Well, my wife and I found that our previous polling place, which was across the street from our mobile home park, no longer applies to us. Yet it is still a polling place for Manatee County.

I wonder, why we must now travel three miles to a place in Sarasota! Could it be that Mr. Mike Bennett, our new Supervisor of Elections, gets to carry out his plan when he was state senator to make voting hard, not easy?

I wonder why Manatee County commissioners could approve, with very few questions about Mr. Bennett's plan, in the name of efficiency, to close more than 30 percent of the polling places in Manatee County?

I wonder about the Florida Sunshine Laws!

I wonder just what types of hardship that decision now imposes on voters' ability to get to polling places.

I wonder about the availability of public transportation, especially given that none of the commissioners ever use it so how would they know.

I wonder why the majority of closed polling places just happen to be in neighborhoods that just happen to vote Democratic, not Republican?

Wonder? I do and so should you!

Frank G. Dellert


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