Dave Miner prudent while school park sale idea breaks trust

May 15, 2014 

Staff Photographer

Manatee County School Board member Dave "Watchdog" Miner listens to public comments during a school board meeting in 2013. FILE PHOTO / PAUL VIDELA/Bradenton Herald


Dave "Watchdog" Miner believes in prudent use of the Manatee County school board's money and assets

For wasting our tax dollars, school Superintendent Rick Mills and investigator Troy Pumphrey should be the ones investigated instead of Miner for an alleged "inappropriate sexual remark," which was neither inappropriate nor sexual.

Miner's quip that the neighborhood around Jessie P. Mller Elementary School "needed another strip mall like Dolly Parton needed a third breast" was an unsexual appropriate comparison of absurdities.

Just as it's absurd to think that Dolly Parton needs a third breast, it is absurd for the district to think breaking trust with past donors, such as Dr. W.D. Sugg, will not make the community skeptical it can trust the district to honor promises accompanying potential future gifts and efforts to have local school tax support like they have in Sarasota.

Mills apparently is willing to give up the benefits of long-term trust for some short-term easy cash. Not smart. Not good business. Not good for the community. Only good for some developer.

P. Allen Schofield


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