Double up left-turn lanes to improve Green Bridge traffic

May 15, 2014 


Bradenton officials Tuesday painted new arrows on eastbound Third Avenue West to allow left turns from two lanes onto northbound Ninth Street West in downtown Bradenton.GRANT JEFFERIES/Bradenton Herald


Regarding Green Bridge traffic going south: I think that consideration be given to providing two left-turn lanes at Sixth and Ninth avenues west. Also, two right-turn lanes at Manatee, Eighth and Ninth avenues west, similar to what they have now at Third Avenue West.

Also, I recommend eventual widening of Third Avenue West from Ninth Street West to U.S. 301 considering the development of the Sandpile with condos and the new theater.

To allow this, the city must buy land that is now empty on the south side of Third Avenue West from Ninth Street West to U.S. 301.

Also, if the city purchased more land just south of the new theater and eventually lease that land to the theater for parking, that would be helpful.

Regarding disabled parking and the illegal use of it: My wife had a stroke recently, and I am now more aware of the need for these parking spaces. I would like people to understand that a disabled person may just be trying to go places without the walker if the walk is not that far.

If that spot is not there, they might not be able to go there at all.

Jim Murray


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