Heart of Christian message: Jesus' truth will set us free

May 15, 2014 

John Messer's letter in the April 26 Opinion section focuses on the uncertainty of faith in Jesus, raised by Kimberly Winston's article on the first page of the April 19 Local section. As a believing Christian, I'm glad to see his concerns in print, but don't agree with his conclusion of the matter.

The concept of "truth" is at the heart of Winston's article and Messer's opinion, but neither mention or refer to the divine teachings of Jesus Himself, who was and still is the source of all truth in our human experience.

Many great thinkers and scientists like Newton and Einstein, who led the world into modern times, admitted they couldn't guarantee the truthfulness of their life's work.

Rather than recite the unending views of historical expositors on this concept, my understanding of truth comes exclusively from Jesus' teaching, preserved for us in the Bible.

To the extent we grasp the truth as Jesus taught it, we can live in harmony with God's creation. Though hard to accept at times when "truth" is not the goal of our actions and we are reminded that we are still sinful, the marvelous gift of Jesus' forgiveness is waiting for those who ask for it.

He demonstrated this for His disciples and promised them, and those who came afterward, that (His) truth will set us free. It's my belief this is the heart of the Christian message.

Richard Evanson


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