Letter: Florida's medical marijuana amendment proposal a slippery slope to abuse

May 14, 2014 

Thank you, Sheriff Brad Steube, for speaking out against marijuana (Herald report, "Manatee sheriff lobbies hard against medical marijuana").

The pro pot lobby doesn't like our sheriff educating our community. They don't want voters to know that the constitutional amendment is not about sick family members.

The pro pot campaign is about legalization, period. Sheriff Steube knows legalization will mean greater crime.

It's shameful that chronically debilitated Floridians are being used as pawns by big business. Compassionate Floridians are being manipulated.

Let's be clear: The ballot language doesn't mention an age restriction and requires no parental consent for minors. You do not get a prescription from your doctor and go to a pharmacy. You get a recommendation and go to a pot dispensary.

The word chronic isn't in the language, which means a headache today can equal pot tomorrow.

Our children are watching and listening and there is reason to be scared and cautious. There is credible research that chronic marijuana users lose IQ points.

Pro-pot calls this fear mongering, I call it sad reality.

History is our best predictor: Do we want pot dispensaries replacing pill mills?

Jessica Spencer


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