Steer cars down Third Ave. W. to 15th St. W. for better traffic flow through downtown Bradenton

May 14, 2014 

We still have traffic problems going south and west from Palmetto.

Trying to fix this problem is like trying to fix water flow on a flat-land river. You have five rivers flowing together into one, called "Downtown Bradenton," and they have nowhere to go.

FDOT has proposed to create a turn lane at Third Avenue West to enable faster exits from Ninth Street West, allowing the drivers to go nowhere.

If you turn south on 10th Street you get caught in the same traffic jam that you left on Ninth trying to fit into the west-bound Manatee Avenue traffic.

If you continue on Third Avenue going west, you come upon two-way traffic, parked cars and stop signs (five, if my memory serves me correctly), which winds up being of no benefit to getting through downtown Bradenton.

Here is what I propose:

1. Have the City of Bradenton make Third Avenue one way westbound from 10th to 15th streets; remove all on-street parking and all westbound stop signs on Third Avenue.

2. Make the corner at Third Avenue and 15th Street a left-turn-only merge lane onto 15th Street, two lanes south bound to Manatee Avenue.

3. Have FDOT make a right-turn merge lane onto Manatee Avenue westbound from 15th Street stretching up to the Wares Creek Bridge.

4. Have FDOT sync the traffic lights westbound on Manatee Avenue to start at 15th Street West and go green back to Ninth Street. This will enable traffic to clear out from in front of the westbound traffic instead of have no place to go from Ninth Street westbound when the light turns green. Then have the lights turn red from 15th Street back to Ninth allowing westbound traffic to fill in from light to light.

Problem solved.

Wesley Foust


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