Democrats continue to tout ACA despite big opposition

May 14, 2014 

Obamacare a big success?

James Frazier informed us all on the April 29 editorial page how successful the ACA has been. Really?

He touted that 8 million Americans had signed up. If I remember correctly at inception it was said there were about 40 million uninsured Americans. So I guess 32 million people just didn't get around to it.

I believe it was "the law"; you had to sign up if you did not have insurance or get fined. So 8 million is considered a success?

How many of those have bought policies? How many have paid for those policies? The most transparent administration ever (ha ha) refuses to reveal those numbers.

Hmm, wonder why?

Mr. Frazier continues to cover about all the liberal Democrat talking points that I feel most level-headed Americans are frankly getting tired of: because of the ACA the deficit was lowered by $100 billion (sip), women's rights, the Koch brothers (sip), our Republican governor, etc., (sip).

Mr. Frazier can write all the letters to the editors he likes; however, a full 67 percent of Americans do not like this law and feel it should be repealed.

I am sure he and his kind will continue to drink the liberal Democrat's Kool-Aid as they always have. As we get closer to the mid-term elections, it appears they will stop sipping and start gulping as it is gradually becoming more apparent what a terrible mistake this has been for our country.

I for one feel confident most level-headed Americans have had enough and predict a sweeping victory for the Republican candidates in November. For that I do hope and pray.

Mike Kantor


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