Miner's Dolly Parton comment probe comes to end at Manatee School District

May 13, 2014 

A racy comment involving Dolly Parton spurred a Manatee County School District investigation that came to a conclusion Tuesday night.

Manatee School Board member Dave “Watchdog” Miner listened intently as School Board attorney Jim Dye addressed a “matter of discomfort and delicacy.”

District investigator Troy Pumphrey reported what he had found looking into a a complaint from Barry Dunn, principal of Miller Elementary School, regarding Miner.

Miner opposed the sale of McKelvey Park at Miller Elementary, and his comment at a school faculty meeting that the Miller neighborhood needed another retail shopping center as much as “Dolly Parton needed a third breast" started a minor furor.

Miner subsequently apologized for the comment, but the school district had already launched an inquiry.

Pumphrey’s report, dated May 7, said Miner violated district policy prohibiting political activity on school property, because he handed out fliers opposing the sale of McKelvey Park, including to bus drivers.

Miner would not face any further discipline, Dye said.

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