A frustrating rear-end, hit-and-run car accident

May 13, 2014 

I'm sharing my frustration on what ended up being a minor hit-and-run rear-end collision.

One recent day at 1 p.m. my wife was driving us back from a trip to Lowe's at U.S. 41 and Cortez Road. We were headed west in what we all call the fast lane.

Traffic came to a quick stop and we did a pretty quick stop. Not a panic stop but not a leisurely one either.

What I couldn't see, but my wife could, was a car approaching us at a pretty fast rate of speed, and she tried to maneuver out of our lane to avoid the collision from behind.

No luck, and we took a pretty good lick from behind. We moved off to the left-hand turn lane to check on each other and the other car.

What happened next frustrated me and left me feeling a little less about all the other drivers who witnessed what happened.

Not one -- that is right, not one -- person driving on Cortez Road at that time had the decency to stop and ask if we were OK or did we need any assistance.

At this point I see the car that hit us had pulled off to a parking lot near 24th Street. They got out, checked out their car, got back in and took off.

The topper is my wife calls 911 and we are transferred to the FHP dispatcher who at first wanted to be sure no one was injured (which at the time we felt OK), then spent the next few minutes ordering us to move the vehicle off Cortez Road.

I was not sure at that point how bad the damage was and was not about to jump out in all that traffic on Cortez and check.

John Travis


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