Thievery a reflection of lack of morals, decline of society

May 13, 2014 

The decline of societal rules can spiral down with only lip service from many. When it becomes personal, what do you do?

A planter full of flowers sat on a small white metal chair at the end of my driveway as a pleasant welcome to my yard. One morning the chair was gone.

I wrinkled my brow at the mind that believes someone can take something he does not own. I opted for grace, supposing the person who comes around before sunrise collecting metal from people's garbage probably mistook it for trash and tossed it into his truck.

So I found a nice white wicker chair to replace it and put together another large pot of geraniums, cosmos, asparagus ferns and a few other plants. Each day, I check it for moisture, pull the deadheads and enjoy it.

The other day when I pulled in my driveway, the planter full of flowers was gone. Nothing but an empty chair with a sprinkling of leftover soil remained. Com' on!

I have no problem with garbage-scrappers taking what is set out as trash. But taking something that is not yours and clearly not trash is stealing.

Where are the rules of civility our president speaks of? Particularly rule No. 7: Thou shall not steal.

This is a reflection of a greater concern. The value of what is taken is not the issue. Whether you take candy from the corner store, cattle from a field or flowers from my yard, the absence of absolutes won't work.

When a culture lives with rules of relativity and select enforcement -- you can steal from me, but I can't steal from you -- chaos will ultimately ensue.

Susan Huppert


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