Police: Suspect arrested while breaking into vehicles in Sarasota over the weekend

Posted by MARC R. MASFERRER on May 12, 2014 

David Rathburn

From Sarasota Police Department:

On Saturday, May 10, 2014, officers with the Sarasota Police Department were working an off-duty detail at the Municipal Auditorium at 801 N. Tamiami Trail in Sarasota. An individual at the event approached officers and told them a man was going up to vehicles in the parking lot and pulling on all the door handles to see if they were locked or not.

Sergeant Eric Bolden walked out to the parking lot and on the west lane saw a suspect matching the description that was given to him standing alongside a red pick-up truck. The suspect was at the passenger door, leaning inside and rifling through the center console. The glove box was already open with papers disheveled.

Sergeant Bolden detained the suspect until officers could locate the victim. The victim told officers he accidentally left his truck unlocked. David Rathburn (DOB 10-10-1969), 44, of Sarasota, was arrested and charged with felony burglary of a vehicle. Rathburn is also a suspect in three other vehicle burglaries over the weekend.

Rathburn is a prolific offender with 19 felony convictions on his record. He has 28 charges of burglary and has served time in prison 11 times and most recently was released March 3, 2014.

“We want to remind residents and visitors to lock your vehicle doors and do not leave valuables in plain sight. More than 60% of vehicle burglaries in the City of Sarasota happen to vehicles that are left unlocked. Hide your valuables, or taken them with you, and don’t forget to lock your vehicles no matter where it is parked.” said Captain Pat Robinson, Patrol Division Commander, Sarasota Police Department.

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