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ttompkins@bradenton.comMay 12, 2014 

Baseballs, presumably from McKechnie Field next door, lie near a gutter spout from Domino's Pizza as flowering weeds sprout from the asphalt in Popi's parking lot. TIFFANY TOMPKINS-CONDIE/


The small, crowded lot next to McKechnie Field was filled with trucks, a Dumpster, machinery and a few workers last week.

Pedestrians invariably slowed their stride as they came upon an opening in the fence, peering in to witness the last moments before demolition of the Popi's building.

A Bradenton Marauders pennant was discovered, then handed around among a circle of workers. "Anyone want a souvenir?" asked one man.

Besides these things, there wasn't much to see, unless your gaze happened to rest upon a shadowy spot where a gutter dropped to the asphalt.

There, amid a patch of scrubby, flowering weeds, sat a cluster of baseballs.

As the landscape changes rapidly around Bradenton's McKechnie Field, baseballs will continue to be discovered among the nooks and crannies of the evolving neighborhood.

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