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May 11, 2014 

Jerry Hill Memorial Kids Fishing Tournament results

The 28th annual Jerry Hill Memorial Kids Fishing Tournament took place Saturday at the Green Bridge fishing pier in Palmetto. Following are results of the catch-and-release event:

Age 5

1. Zin, 12-inch whiting

2. Zackary Carter, 10.5-inch whiting

3. Ryan Cummings, 10.25-inch whiting

3. Dominic Lamb, 10.25-inch snapper

Age 6

1. Bryanna Phillips, 24-inch shark

2. Kasey Coleman, 14-inch catfish

3. Isabel Flores, 9.5-inch pinfish

Age 7

1. Abby Prieto, 16.5-inch seasnake

2. Jackson Keefe, 12-inch catfish

3. Hayden Laboy, 10.5-inch snapper

Age 8

1. Ryder Krueger, 13.5-inch catfish

2. Isabella, 10.5-inch snapper

3. Baden Wallace, 10-inch mangrove

Age 9

1. Nathan Parker, 14.75-inch catfish

2. Ava Doherty, 13.75-inch catfish

3. Luke Mactavish, 10-inch snapper

Age 10

1. Jaret Hough, 20-inch ray

2. Case Wilcox, 14-inch ray

3. Liam Wilford, 10-inch porgie

3. Kennan Harvey, 10-inch porgie

Age 11

1. Will Briley, 12.5-inch catfish

2. Kurt Harvey, 11.25-inch catfish

3. Alex Dumas, 8.5-inch catfish

Age 12

1. Savannah H., 16-inch flounder

2. Eddie Hicks, 13.75-inch catfish

3. Grant Trautweiler, 12.5-inch snapper

Age 13

1. Colten Walker, 9.75-inch seabass

2. Katelyn Dumas 8.5-inch snapper

3. Ty Barclay 6-inch dogfish

Age 14

Howie Hinds, 16-inch dogfish

Dion Cancholas, 6-inch dogfish

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