A wonderful Mother's Day gift in three greeting cards

May 11, 2014 

An early Mother's Day cards from the 1920s. COURTESY OF HALLMARK

Mother's Day comes once a year. This year my gift arrived early. I just have to share my gift with moms everywhere.

It's too good to keep hidden. I want to frame it, hang it on the kitchen wall for the world to see. Gifts from years past remind me that flowers wilt, candy is eaten, silk pajamas are nice, but really my pajama drawer runneth over after 50 years of Mother's Day gifts.

As our children get older, our grandchildren spend the day with them as they are now the mothers. So, that all-important beloved phone call on Mother's Day always warms my heart, reopening the door, allowing me to feel the love that remains always.

Meanwhile, back to my favorite Mother's Day gift of all. Not that it cost megabucks, but it did cost my beloved son -- to begin his journey of introspection. No doubt his journey taught him the lesson of forgiveness.

A stylish burgundy with white trim card became the first gift that made me smile. In large white letters it read, "My therapist says it's NOT your fault." The inside read, "How's that for a HAPPY Mother's Day?"

Moving forward I opened another card, "The Classic Mom Moment." A cartoon showed a conversation between a mother and her grown child. The cartoon highlighted the grown child saying, "Mom, I just want to thank you for raising me so well."

The mom, with a video camera in hand, replies, "Wait, I need to video this. Say it again, this time with more emotion." Inside in large letters, "HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY."

The third, an elegant turquoise card with white trim, read, "If it's any consolation, I'll change YOUR diapers someday, too." I am still giggling. The inside message read, "Now that is love."

Barbara Hansen

Lakewood Ranch

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