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May 10, 2014 



The following parents are proud to announce the births of their babies:

Lakewood Ranch Medical Center

Classen, Sophia June, a girl to Samantha Whalen and Troy Classen, Bradenton, May 6, 2014

Weiner, Ronin Lou, a girl to Heather and Mike Weiner, Bradenton, May 1, 2014

Wingate, Brantley Mathew-James, a boy to Krysta Ann Ramdath and Caleb Stephen Wingate, Bradenton, April 29, 2014

Manatee Memorial Hospital

Metzger, James Tiberius Kirk, a boy to Dawn M. and Michael L. Metzger, Palmetto, May 2, 2014


These couples applied for marriage licenses in Manatee County:

Wednesday, APRIL 30, 2014

Jonathan Steele Anderson Jr. and Ashley Lynn Eady

Tyler John Hudak and Felicia Joyce Wykle

Alejandro Cortes and Maria Luz Rico

Jorge Luis Ramos and Anna Jenese Hutson

Michael Charles Edwards Devon Sierra York

Thursday, MAY 1, 2014

Troy Samuel Greer and Jodi Lynn Renfer

Terry Lee MacKintosh and Heidi Christine Williams

Benjamin Warren Griffith and Marilyn Yvonne Warner

Jason Richard Henderson and Elizabeth Anne Hanshaw

Herbert Bernard Baron and Elizabeth Marion Hartung

Jeffrey Dennis Wasik and Jodi Lynn Sykes

Timothy Karl Vercammen and Michelle Marie Stamer

Michael Patrick Beamer and Sandra Ann Weber

Brandon Lee Nix and Kristen Renee Busick

Breon Lamar Mitchell and Noelle Grace Mitchell

Jason Michael Berent and Amy Lynn Toth

Friday, MAY 2, 2014

James ALlen McKillip and Heather Michelle McWhirth

Scott Terry Christiansen and Rhonda Jean Pressley

Hugh Richard Wilson and Kelly Marie Collins

Mario Francis Funair and Samantha Jane Grimes

James Marten Pedigo Jr. and Tiffany Ann Wilkinson

James Mathew Hodges and Sarah Lynn Vocelle

Steve Szekely and Juanita Greene

Willis Martin Hartzog Rice and Debra Ann Young

Timothy Scott Michael and Christena Lynn Pellett

Mark Philip McLean and Katherine Fuller Hayes

Joshua Charles Milbert and Anna Louise Doland

Jeffrey Richard Kaseta and Ma Lourdes Figueroa Fabello

Isaiah Lanue Broach and Tondra Shea Dunlap

Eugene Sanders Jr. and Marlene Lysette Ojeda Lugo

Jacob Tzvi Zion and Sarah Katherine Donnellan

Alan Charles Wells and Claudia Nicole Keckler

Monday, MAY 5, 2014

Anthony Curtis Eytchison and Sarah Ellen Hunt

Tyler Haden Halbert and Casey Carlton Craft

Thomas Gerald Slater and Emily Victoria Whiting

Charles William Gibbons and eleanor Katherine Merson

Jonathan Keith Jones and Lauren Lynn Sandmann

Mark Anthony Szymanski and Tammy Laura Wellmann

Michal Andrzej Mitrega and Love Cutamura Antuerpia

Andre Levern Bryant and Kim Frances Leotaud

Jeffrey Clyde Caudill and Teresa Renee Barrett

Thomas Garland and Lucinda Meekins Stathis

Philip Brent McClure and Breezi Diane Little

John Byron Schultz III and Stephanie Lynn Walker

Tuesday, MAY 6, 2014

John Joseph O'Donnell Jr. and Laura Ann Cipolla

Jeffrey Raymond Carico and Mary Tanza Traylor

Robert John Oeller and Whitney Frances Hefner

Edward Leon Dygert and Karen Michelle Marshall

Nathaniel Stephen Berger and Kristi Jade Drobecker

Brian Lewis Malcolm and Cheryl Ann Dykstra

Jeffrey Alan Conner and Janet Leigh Smith

Bowen James Loomis and Rachel Rene Hatfield

Francisco Hernandez Garcia and Natividad Garcia


These couples filed for divorce in Manatee County:

Wednesday, APRIL 30, 2014

Luis Santiago-Caro and Crystal Rose Santiago

Gary Van Husen and Kelly A. Geyman

Kevin Douglas Roach and Karen Ann Roach

Ramon Jadra and Nadine Jadra

Thursday, MAY 1, 2014

Lonnie Lee Lamkin and Ann Marie Bluecher

John B. Dole and Mary L. Dole

Dustin Wayne Widner and Ramona Diane Shroll

Justin Douglas Peters and Patricia Velazquez

Steven Ray Skinner and Marla Dawn Skinner

Friday, MAY 2, 2014

Walter H. Watkins and Shirley Watkins

Glenn Rodney Jones and Janet Louise Jones

Jonathan Vaty Ith and Lisa Ann Ith

Greg D. Sarver and Stacey A. Sarver

Willie James Lawson and Nikki Lyn Lawson

Ronald Lane Jr. and Shaundra Lane

Justin Matthew Claxon and Kristen Melanie Claxon

Monday, MAY 5, 2014

Edwin Giron and Sonia Giron

Leridieu Pierre and Elda E. Presendieu

Glenn Davis Jr. and Angel Kate McDuffie-Davis

Jared Michael Monahan and Miranda Mary Monahan

Antonio Galvan-Perez and Alicia M. Galvan

Russell Howard and Deborah Howard

Martin T. Hoellhoffer and Filica C. Koellhoffer

Antonio Joaquin Fuentes-Rojas and Heydis Mely Caraballo

Jerry Miskuf and Jana Miskuf

Justin D. Romeo and Eleni A. Romeo

Kenroy Simmons and Stacey Simmons

Michael A. Melnick and Tanjiel Eckert-Melnick

Edwin de Leon and Kimberly Macario

Daniel James Nemzek and Diane Lynn Nemzek

David Leon Hardy and Shelia Mazion-Hardy

Tuesday, MAY 6, 2014

Roman Anthony Eylat and Teri Lee Eylat

Or Ortega and Anahis Ortega


The following civil suits were filed in Manatee County Circuit Court:

Wednesday, APRIL 30, 2014

Robin Barley vs. William C. Eurice et al (auto negligence)

Patricia A. Middleton vs. Brittany S. Gilyard (auto negligence)

Dyck O'Neal Inc. vs. Kathleen Mahoney (contract and indebtedness)

Dyck O'Neal Inc. vs. Walter Walsh III et al (contract and indebtedness)

Sheila Hoyt vs. 6305 Cortez Road West Operations LLC (negligence)

US Bank NA et al vs. Amy P. Lozano et al (mortgage foreclosure)

Citimortgage Inc. vs. Jody Britt et al (mortgage foreclosure)

Bank of America NA vs. James M. Sims et al (mortgage foreclosure)

Thursday, MAY 1, 2014

Elizabeth Ann Mackey and Franklin L. Moore et al (auto negligence)

Fidelity National Title Insurance Company vs. Anthony Vaccaro et al (contract and indebtedness)

Suncoast Credit Union vs. Onald H. French Sr. (contract and indebtedness)

Sands Bay Apartments LLC vs. Burlington Insurance Company (contract and indebtedness)

Karen Porciello vs. Bank of America NA (contract and indebtedness)

Ocwen Loan Servicing LLC vs. John K. Hudson et al (mortgage foreclosure)

Green Tree Servicing LLC vs. Julia K. Murphy et al (mortgage foreclosure)

Nationstar Mortgage LLC vs. James Edward Brown et al (mortgage foreclosure)

JPMorgan Chase Bank NA vs. Ann Lawrence Hathaway et al (mortgage foreclosure)

Friday, MAY 2, 2014

Aqua M. Bergeron and Ryan M. Sheehy et al (auto negligence)

Suncoaast Credit Union vs. Matthew P. Welch et al (contract and indebtedness)

Topazfish LLC vs. Relish LLC et al (contract and indebtedness)

Gwendolyn Gibson vs. Casto Management Services Inc. (negligence)

William Standfield vs. Del Monte Fresh Produce Company (negligence)

Wells Fargo Bank NA vs. John Russell Plant et al (mortgage foreclosure)

Regions Bank vs. Priority Insurance Services Inc. et al (mortgage foreclosure)

Skyway Village Estates Inc. vs. Pearl Henry et al (mortgage foreclosure)

Bank of New York Mellon et al vs. Kenneth R. Nyhus et al (mortgage foreclosure)

Monday, MAY 5, 2014

Citifinancial Equity Services Inc. vs. Leroy Bellamy Jr. (contract and indebtedness)

McCue Reams & Associates et al vs. Belinda Duval et al (contract and indebtedness)

Janice Granda vs. Adrienne Berarducci (contract and indebtedness)

Green Tree Servicing LLC vs. Orchid Cove Condominium Association Inc. et al (mortgage foreclosure)

Ocwen Loan Servicing LLC vs. John W. Davidson et al (mortgage foreclosure)

US Bank NA et al vs. Howard Boothroyd et al (mortgage foreclosure)

Bank of New York Mellon et al vs. Douglas Repp et al (mortgage foreclosure)

Bank of America NA vs. Second Bayshore Condominium Association Inc. et al (mortgage foreclosure)

Wells Fargo Bank NA vs. Small Business Administration et al (mortgage foreclosure)

Tuesday, MAY 6, 2014

Christina Lohbauer vs. State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Company (auto negligence)

Debra Sobczak vs. Joshua Michael Frank (auto negligence)

Sarasota County Public Hospital Board et al vs. Theresa Moss (contract and indebtedness)

Regions Bank vs. Andrea Foley Bueso (contract and indebtedness)

Regions Bank vs. Russell P. Hightower et al (contract and indebtedness)

Michael T. Emmons vs. Anthony Tabbitit (contract and indebtedness)

Freo Florida LLC vs. Sonoma Master Association Inc. et al (contract and indebtedness)

Bank of America NA vs. Howard M. McLean et al (mortgage foreclosure)

US Bank NA et al vs. Evette Crawford Robinson et al (mortgage foreclosure)

Wells Fargo Bank NA vs. Anna J. Hinkle et al (mortgage foreclosure)

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