Judge concedes Florida's teacher evaluation law unfair, but upholds it

May 10, 2014 

This week U.S. District Judge Mark Walker upheld Florida's hotly contested teacher evaluation law, though he conceded the system is unfair.

Some teachers and teacher unions tried to get the 2011 law ruled unconstitutional, but the inherent inequity in the system that links teacher evaluations to standardized test scores does not qualify, the judge determined

The key point is some teachers do not work with students on the primary subjects that standardized tests focus on but their evaluations are based on those scores. This injustice now remains in place.

How the Legislature and Gov. Rick Scott justify this boggles the mind, as we've opined in the past.

We agree the state needs evaluation and accountability tools in order to provide "the best education possible," as the Department of Education states. But this law uses the wrong tool for many teachers.

The Legislature should institute reason into teacher evaluations.

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