Debutantes of Sarasota and Manatee County announced

May 9, 2014 

The Debutante Program of Sarasota and Manatee Counties is designed to recognize the notable young women who excel academically, socially and morally. The program celebrates the accomplishments of young women embarking on their senior year of high school in a family fun way.

The first Debutante Ball was in 1981, and since that time, 404 young women, have successfully participated in the program. This year there are 25 debutantes, which is the largest debutante class to date. The purpose of the program is to foster social and cultural awareness in a select group of young women to benefit this or any future community in which she will reside.

To date, the program has raised more than $800,000 for the youth programs of the Sarasota Orchestra.

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Cameron, daughter of Donna Padar Berlin and Evan Berlin, attends Pine View School.


Vanessa Blankenship, daughter of Thomas and Georgia Blakenship and is a junior at Riverview High School.


Mercedes Margaret Elizalde, daughter of Raul and Alison Elizalde, attends Pine View School.


Camilla (Mimi) Ping Faulhaber, daughter of Ping and Fritz Faulhaber, attends Pine View School.


Stephanie Elena Hagan, daughter of Michael and Janet Hagan, attends Pine View School.


Emma Louise Hollingsworth, daughter of Ms. Chelon Faustine Rieniets, attends Pine View School.


Quinn Marie Incardona, daughter of Anthony and Randi Incardona, attends Cardinal Mooney High School.


Sarah Ann Karp, daughter of Richard and Tammy Karp, is a student at the Out-Of-Door Academy.


Kristin Marie Kochevar, daughter of Jon and Dawn Kochevar, is a student at Pine View School.


Jane Hotchkiss Lindsay, daughter of Edward and Christine Lindsay, attends Saint Stephen's Episcopal School.


Paige Breed Lindsay, daughter of Edward and Christine Lindsay, attends Saint Stephen's Episcopal School.


Jessica Lindsey Lonas, daughter of Michael and Pamela Lonas, is a student at Riverview High School.


Kylan Sophia Josephine Memminger, daughter of Dr. Joseph and Susan Memminger, is a student at Pine View School.


Neena Ashvin Patel, daughter of Drs. Ashvin and Vidisha Pate, attends Pine View School.


Jillian Noel Polk, daughter of Douglas Polk and Bonnie Polk, attends Cardinal Mooney High School.


Jazlyn Johana Qualls, daughter of Lesley Weber and Jobert Qualls, attends Riverview High School.


Jamie Michelle Ross, daughter of James Moynihan and Ellen Ross, attends Pine View School.


Kristi Marie Schleicher, daughter of Joel and Diane Schleicher, attends St. Stephen's Episcopal School.


Lauri Anne Schleicher, daughter of Joel and Diane Schleicher, is a student at St. Stephen's Episcopal School.


Sarena Joy Shabetai, daughter of Andrew and Elizabeth Shabetai, attends Sarasota High School.


Olivia Lauren Sinclair, daughter of John and Kimberly Sinclair, is a student at Riverview High School.


Bianca Franciska Tengerdy, daughter of Roberta and Tom Tengerdy, attends The Out-of-Door Academy.


Christine Adele Turner, daughter of Chuck and Kelly Turner, attends The Out-of-Door Academy.


Hayden Leigh Verinder, daughter of David and Monica Verinder, attends Cardinal Mooney High School.


Olivia Lane White, daughter of Philip A. White and Paige Hardy White, attends The Out-of-Door Academy.

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